Joe Exotic wanted to be jailed for 21 years in prison

The zoologist’s witness was found in a case that was allegedly involved in the animal welfare activist Carole Baskin, who also appeared in the Netflix docu-series

A federal juez wanted to sentence this woman to Joe Exotic, the star of ‘Tiger King‘a 21 years of imprisonmentreducing as well as condensing in this one year alone.

A pesar de los multiple intentions to ask the indulgence for his treatment against the cancerlike the petition to Donald Trump or the card to Kim Kardashian to be able to convene the president, Joe Exotic has always obtained the same answer: negation or ignorance.

“No me hagan morir en prisión”

In The Juice, Joe Exotic has been asked many things that query will be indulged: “By favor, do not let me die in prison hoping for the opportunity to be free”.

Pero Baskin, who also agreed to the juicio, stated that he also wanted the powder: “Continuing intense feelings de mala voluntad hacia mi “, según ha avanzado el medad estadounidense ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.

A federal court ruled that the court ruled that the Joe Exotic’s Prison Penis Accord.

The condensate

El Tiger King is completing a sentence of 22 years -hora reduced to 21- in the federal prison of Fort worth tras ser declared guilty of conspiracy to commit failed that live the intention to end with the life of Carole Baskinotra de las estrellas del documental de Netflix.

Joe Exotic contact with different men to meet Baskin, and a panel of three juices from the Court of Appeal of the EEC Circuit of the EU. because involucraban to the victim.

The tax authorities explain that the accrued offer of 10,000 dollars (8,969 euros) to a FBI agent encubierto to attend Baskin during a meeting in December 2017.

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According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, Joe Exotic tells the story: “Síguela has the location of a commercial, metal and market center & rdquor ;. Pero los abogados han rebatido que his client is not serious.

The presumption is also condensed by eating five tigers, selling tiger caches and falsifying records of New Year’s Eve.

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