It allows you to take care of your children even if you do not have a work permit

The CSIF and STEPV unions coincided with the week that the law of the Legal Protection of Menor (Ley Orgánica 1/1996, of 15 January) allows the progenitors who work to be able to take care of their hips and feathers, although no account with a permit adhoc then, two years after the initiation of the pandemic, neither in the state market nor in the autonomous one has adopted a decision in this sense.

Specifically, both unions have reference to “Deber inexcusable & rdquor; of care that all families have with their husbands and wives, always draw the lie. This is an argument that she used a juez in La Rioja donde, through a denunciation of CSIF, she recently reconciled this right to a function that she had denied the administration in the job.

To follow in the footsteps of this judicial dictatorship -which is exemplary-, the union has initiated a campaign in which, while writing to the auxiliaries, has the consistency that “issues urgent instructions, of an exceptional character from this situation, which includes the automatic licensing of this permit for those cases and professional categories of Local Administration that can not be accessed by teletrabajo & rdquor ;, in order to be able to find in their homes to attend to their minor cargo confinement.

CSIF considers that “the least important measure of preventive Islam is assimilable to the permit returned unrecoverable which corresponds to the compliment of an inexcusable debt of public and personal character & rdquor ;.

This respect recalls that “The inexcusable deber includes all those who are familiar with the familiar and laborious life. Derberation derivatives of paternity and affiliation constitute a sufficient motive for the concession of this permit, which is limited to the necessary time and is documented just by the staff & rdquor ;, apuntan.

Permisos también para el profesorado

For its part, STEPV has set up educational centers to grant permission to professors who have to attend to their marriage. Make sure, before the failure of solutions and the explosion of cases, Teachers are obliged to return days without thinking about these situations, as the 4 days that the professor has been here for years to justify that he does not act on the work permit for dispositions, but without work. Some say that their inadequacies are due to the most distressed quarantine, apuntan.

So, STEPV coincides with the fact that, by all means, there is minor attention, speech and how to establish it Ley Orgánica 1/1996, January 15, Minor Legal Protection, which in its Article 2 explicitly states: that “every minor has a right and that his superior interests are valued and considered as paramount in all the actions and decisions that the concierge, both in the public interest and in private. In the application of the present law and the standards that affect it, as well as the media concerned with the minors that adopt the institutions, public or private, the Tribunals, or the legislative bodies primarily the interests of the laws concerning any other interests that powder competes ».

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For this reason, this union also interprets that, if no alternative means are available, the travajador o trabajadora tiene todo el derecho a akogerse al permiso para hacer efective ese “deber inexcusable & rdquor; which, in the autonomous environment is governed by the decree Decree 7/2008, of 25 January, of the Consell, by virtue of which it regulates the permits and licenses of the teaching staff at the university, (Article 15, on obligations which generate a responsibility of civil, social or administrative order), todia in vigor, to attend while during the confinement situation. On the other hand, the family is including the need to pay attention to the minor.

These reactions, together with Councilor Vicent Marzà, who had asked the Governor for the creation of allowances to be taken to take care of the nieces and nephews covid, read more than the Confederation of Ampa Gonzalo Anaya provide a “rescate” for the families, after two years, and meditate for the sake of conciliation.

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