Jobs affiliated with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS)

  • As of November 30, 2021, there are 20,933,050 (twenty million nine hundred thirty-three thousand fifty) jobs registered with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS); of these, 86.8% (eighty-six point eight percent) are permanent and 13.2% (thirteen point two percent) are temporary. The current number of jobs is the highest in history.
  • In November there was a monthly increase of 165,463 (one hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and sixty-three) positions, equivalent to a monthly rate of 0.8% (zero point eight percent). This increase of 165 thousand positions is the highest for a month of November since it has been registered. It is the first time in history with 5 consecutive months with a monthly creation of more than 100,000 jobs.
  • With the above, job creation from January to the penultimate month of this year is 1,159,318 (one million one hundred fifty-nine thousand three hundred eighteen) positions. In this period, permanent employment increased by 1,165,030 (one million one hundred sixty-five thousand thirty) and temporary employment decreased by 5,712 (five thousand seven hundred twelve).
  • In the last twelve months there was an increase of 881,498 (eight hundred and eighty-one thousand four hundred ninety-eight) positions, equivalent to an annual rate of 4.4% (four point four percent).
  • The economic sectors with the highest annual percentage growth in jobs are transportation and communications with 11.0% (eleven point zero percent), extractive with 8.1% (eight point one percent) and construction with 6.8% (six point eight percent). By state, Tabasco, Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur stand out with annual increases of over 11.5% (eleven point five percent).

An average salary of 435.7 pesos was registered

  • As of November 30, 2021, the base salary of the average contribution of the jobs affiliated to the IMSS reached an amount of $ 435.7 (four hundred thirty-five point seven pesos).
  • This salary represents a nominal annual increase of 7.4% (seven point four percent), which is the second highest increase registered for a month of November of the last ten years and, since January 2019, the base contribution salary maintains records annual nominal equal to or greater than 6.0% (six point zero percent).

In November the affiliation of more than a million employers is registered

At the end of November, 1,054,879 (one million fifty-four thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine) patterns were registered with the Institute, representing an annual variation rate of 5.1% (five point one percent). With this registry, the monthly variation in the eleventh month of 2021 is 3,260 (three thousand two hundred and sixty) registrations, and so far this year 54,465 (fifty-four thousand four hundred and sixty-five) new patterns have been incorporated.

Additionally, the IMSS provides social security to about 8.3 million people in other occupation modalities

  • As of November 30, 7,858,414 (seven million eight hundred fifty-eight thousand four hundred fourteen) people affiliated with the Facultative Insurance have medical services from the IMSS.
  • There are 206,147 (two hundred six thousand one hundred forty-seven) members of the Family Health Insurance, through which medical care is provided to people who voluntarily join the IMSS.
  • A total of 238,161 (two hundred thirty-eight thousand one hundred sixty-one) insured in the Voluntary Continuation of the Mandatory Regime.

40,491 affiliated with the pilot program for the incorporation of domestic workers

  • During the month of November, 40,491 (forty thousand four hundred and ninety-one) people joined the Program, this means 11 times more than the number of positions registered in the previous scheme (modality 34) in April 2019 when the historical maximum was registered of said scheme.
  • Of these 40,491 (forty thousand four hundred ninety-one) people, a total of 66,300 (sixty-six thousand three hundred) potential beneficiaries is expected.
  • The average daily salary associated with the Pilot Program for Domestic Workers is $ 206.8 (two hundred six point eight pesos), while the average daily salary of the 34 “Domestic Workers” modality is $ 139.1 (one hundred thirty-nine point one pesos) .
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