It is a report which worries. According to the IAEA, Iran has started again to produce uranium enriched to 20%. The International Atomic Energy Agency also expresses deep concern about the possible presence of material. nuclear at an undeclared Iranian site.

This report comes in a tense context, as the regime in Tehran has started to limit inspections by the UN Agency to demand a total lifting of US sanctions.

As soon as he came to power, Joe Biden had proposed a return of the United States to the Iran nuclear deal if the country undertook to fully meet its obligations. But for Iran, the prerequisite is and remains the end of sanctions.

“The current administration has put an end to the attempt of the previous administration, which wanted to restore United Nations sanctions, for his part hammered Ali Rabiei, spokesman for the government, and it relaxed unacceptable restrictions on the visit of Iranian diplomats to United Nations headquarters. While we welcome these steps and America is on the right track, we believe it is woefully insufficient. “

It was in 2018 that Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the international agreement on Iranian nuclear disengagement and reinstated the sanctions. Since then, Tehran has gradually freed itself from its obligations without, however, going so far as to expel the IAEA inspectors.

The country has in fact concluded a temporary agreement with them for reduced surveillance while waiting to see what will happen through the diplomatic channel.

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