“The inflation does not forgive dates or calendars ”and during this Christmas season, Mexicans will have to spend 27% for their meetings, only food and beverages, more compared to the 2020 celebration, since the price increase has impacted the costs of merchants and has moved on to consumers.

The National Alliance of Small Merchants (ANPEC) conducted a market study of what Mexicans could spend on the Guadalupe-Reyes-Candelaria Marathon 2021, season of cravings and drinks, in which he quantified that the expense would go from 6,287 pesos disbursed in 2020, to 8,000 pesos on average, considering gatherings of up to 10 people, obviously without gifts or toys. And much less, without accounting for inputs such as the cost of gas and electricity.

Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of ANPECHe commented that “the increased cost of life as well as the health uncertainty that we are still experiencing are present in the collective conscience of the country, causing a well-founded fear. The money is not enough and food and services are more expensive every day. People know it, because they suffer from it, but the Mexican nationality is stoic, as well as cheerful ”.

The small business sector reported that the price of turkey, from 6 kilograms went from 500 pesos to 750 pesos by December 2021; in addition to the price of pork leg, whose cost was 750 pesos and on this occasion, the survey reported 950 pesos and 6 kilos; and for 2 kilograms of cod they will pay 650 pesos, when a year ago it was 480 pesos

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Regarding the issue of beverages, the consumer is It will cost 50 pesos more to prepare your punch compared to last year, because for 6 liters of traditional Christmas tea they will pay 300 pesos.

The increase in food and beverage costs is an inhibiting factor in the commerce sector, which still faces obstacles due to the economic crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The psycho-emotional health of the population is at stake, the Covid, for all practical purposes, is nothing other than the Grinch by stealing two consecutive Christmases from us. It is time today that it has not been clear whether or not there will be a fourth pandemic wave, when a new strain, the African (Omicron), which once again shakes governments, making them doubtful, forcing them to send mixed messages, ”commented the ANPEC leader.

On the one hand, they say that it will not be as lethal as the Delta variant, just as it is launched to defend the efficacy of vaccines; however, at the same time they admit the need for a third dose of the vaccine as a booster, he said.


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