In Toulouse, a teacher suspected of “conspiracy” suspended

The rectorate of Toulouse confirmed the suspension as a precaution, Wednesday, September 8, of a Spanish teacher at the Lycée Raymond-Naves in Toulouse. He is accused of having broadcast, in front of several classes, a video judged “Conspirator”. According to the rector, Mostafa Fourar, these would be images found on the site, which stood out during the pandemic by numerous conspiratorial statements and positions against health restrictions. The teacher will remain suspended “The time of the investigation”, confirms the rector.

This teacher, described by one of his colleagues as “Integrated and rider”, who had done “Proof of flawless professionalism so far”, reportedly showed several of his classes a video described as “Conspirator” about the Covid-19 vaccine. The rector of Toulouse ensures that he himself has not viewed this video, which will be studied by the national education inspectors responsible for the administrative investigation. It is on the basis of their report that the teacher may be referred to the disciplinary council for a sanction.

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“I insist on the fact that it was the parents who alerted us, insists Mostafa Fourar. They were scandalized to learn that the Spanish teacher had taken teaching time to distribute this content, which was otherwise unrelated to a foreign language course since it is in French. ” The parents of the pupils informed the inspection of the academy, which itself alerted the head of the school.

The latter would have entered the class on Wednesday morning, while the teacher broadcast the video again. Summoned by the management of the establishment, the teacher reportedly declared that he was “Opposed to the sanitary pass”, still according to the rector of Toulouse. The decision to suspend has been taken ” quickly ” at the end of this meeting, “In connection with the inspection of the academy”, to allow “To calm things down the time to see things more clearly”, adds the rector. This teacher could not be reached by The world and cannot speak publicly during the administrative inquiry.

Stupor in his colleagues

On the teachers’ side, stupor dominated Thursday after the announcement of the professor’s suspension. The SNES union representative in the establishment, El Houari El Otmani, assures us that everyone is still in shock and that “Very little information” have circulated. “We do not know what his state of mind is, since we have not seen him again”, assures this philosophy professor, who indicates that the teaching team is waiting to have “His version” to say more.

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