In Fréjus, to launch her campaign, Marine Le Pen uses the broad theme of “freedoms”

Arm outstretched, head towards the clouds, Marine Le Pen makes her entrance dressed in white and pastel blue, in front of the 900 activists who came to attend her back-to-school meeting under a blazing sun, Sunday, September 12, at the Roman theater in Fréjus (Var ). An activist is palpated and opens his bag. “But no need for a health pass, it’s freedom! “, he rejoices, joining the crowd waving French flags.

The scenography of the meeting is conceived as a synthesis between the imagery of the National Rally (RN), whose logo can be seen, and a sky blue background unusual for the events of the Lepéniste party.

The now ex-president of the RN opens the battle of the first round, and places the voters to “A crossroads where one way leads to the abyss and the other to the top” : on the one hand, “The dilution of France by deconstruction and submersion” ; the other, “The healthy start” through nationalism and the exaltation of the ” French people “. In April 2022, “We will be at a crossroads”, she sums up, discreet allusion to the name of the site of Eric Zemmour, who also entitled his tour in this way for his new book.

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The author of French suicide (Albin Michel, 2014) is not the only one in the sights. Very quickly, Marine Le Pen gave a strong nod to the sanitary pass, on the ground of her former right-hand man Florian Philippot. “If hundreds of thousands of people chant the word ‘freedom’, it is because there is a discomfort that must be heard”, she said, facing a “Contemptuous power”, even if, “Of course, the street does not rule”. She intends to distinguish herself from “More radical positions” : for vaccine freedom, against the health pass.

“French freedoms”

This desire for balance is illustrated in the choice of “freedom” for the campaign theme. The word was spoken 85 times in forty-three minutes, and its slogan – “Freedoms, cherished freedoms! “- was drawn from The Marseillaise. “Freedom is the French value, the heart of its DNA, she justified the day before. It is the railroad that makes it possible to talk about very diverse and very broad subjects. “ Subjects that are indeed diverse, to the point that freedom seemed to be a concept with variable geometry, but which skilfully encompasses most of the program.

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