Tintin in America for his representations of Redskins, The conquest of the West of Lucky Luke for the single word of ” conquest “, Asterix and the Indians for a young Indian woman considered too seductive, novels, history books or even manuals intended for young people giving advice on how to make the feather ornaments of the Amerindians: about thirty books were put at the stake by a school of the ‘Ontario, on the sole ground that they conveyed negative stereotypes about the First Nations people of Canada.

The story was revealed on Monday, September 6, by the public channel Radio-Canada. The Providence Catholic School Board, which manages some thirty French-language schools in southwestern Ontario, held a ceremony in 2019 “Purification by fire”, by burning some of some 5,000 children’s books banned from libraries, all accused of maintaining prejudices against the Autochotones, presented as savages, alcoholics and lazy. The ashes were used as fertilizer for planting a tree.

In a video shot for the occasion, Suzy Kies, presented as “Keeper of indigenous knowledge”, explained to the children of the school: ” We bury the ashes of racism, discrimination and stereotypes in the hope that we will grow up in an inclusive country where all can live in prosperity and security. “. Lyne Cossette, spokesperson for the school board, spoke to public radio about works in “Outdated and inappropriate content” to justify what she considers a gesture of “Reconciliation with the First Nations”.

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Indigenous ancestry invented

Story in history, Suzy Kies who claimed to be herself from the First Nations, – ” of Abenaki and Montagnais descent »-, would have lied about his origins: no native ancestry seems to have been found to him. Indigenous Canadian communities have accused her in turn “ cultural appropriation “.

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The Providence Catholic School Board seized the opportunity to have been ” fooled »He said, for« to suspend His plan to discard books. For only comment on this whole affair, Suzy Kies was satisfied to affirm to the Worldthat she was not at the origin of the project Which led to the burning of those books. But in the face of the outcry, she nevertheless chose on September 9 to resign from her post as co-chair of the Indigenous Peoples Commission of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau’s party.

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