In a market jostled by Chinese players, Apple unveils its new iPhones

The release of a new iPhone is always an expected moment for watchers of the smartphone market. Even if its “keynotes” have not brought any stunning surprises for several years now, the apple brand remains an undisputed reference, whose technological and strategic choices are closely scrutinized. In addition, the success or failure of new models can reshuffle the competition, in a particularly turbulent context in recent months.

Tuesday, September 14, no big surprises to remember, just technological improvements on the power of processors, the battery, the quality of photos and videos … Products come out from $ 699 for the iPhone mini and from $ 1,099 for the iPhone Pro Max, the brand’s premium model.

Only one year ago, in July 2020, the Canalys firm placed the Chinese giant Huawei for the first time at the top of the ranking of world manufacturers, with nearly 20% of the market, ahead of Samsung (19%) and Apple ( 16%). Twelve months later, the Shenzhen group – target of sanctions by the United States, which prevent it from accessing cutting-edge technologies – has disappeared from the ranking of the main players in the market. Now the new spoilsport of the traditional Samsung-Apple showdown is called Xiaomi (17%), which has come between the Korean (18%) and the American (14%). With sales growth of 83%, the young group from Beijing, founded in 2010, can now aim for the top step of the podium. He made it his goal within three years.

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It also has to move upmarket, to really compete with its competitors. Gold for Thomas Husson, analyst at Forrester, “Xiaomi will need time to establish its credibility in the high-end smartphone segment”.

Premium strategy

As shown in a study carried out in August by the firm Strategy Analytics, the apple brand remains, by far, the actor which monopolizes the bulk of the market value (between 45% and 55% over the last four quarters), even though its market shares are steadily eroding. This is explained by its premium strategy and the success of its latest generation of products, the iPhone 12, marketed between 900 euros and 1200 euros. Apple’s revenue from the sale of its smartphones is forecast to jump 36% in 2021.

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