• The general director of Social Security, Zoé Robledo, reported the progress of the Health Plan for Well-being in the states of Nayarit and Tlaxcala.
  • In Tlaxcala, 238 health workers began the hiring process to obtain an IMSS-Wellness base.
  • It made the telephone number 800 95 32 213 available to the population of Nayarit to report situations regarding medical care, unstocked medications and infrastructure.

The general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, reported that in the state of Nayarit the IMSS-Wellness program has advanced 87 percent with the operation of 13 of 15 hospitals and 300 of 343 clinics of First Level of attention.

During the conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace, Zoé Robledo explained that the two hospitals that are needed: the Tepic Women’s Hospital and the Tuxpan Integral Hospital are still under construction and remodeling, in the case of the Tuxpan Hospital. , which suffered damage from the 2018 hurricanes, “work is already underway to have it ready by the last quarter of this year.”

The general director of Social Security explained that the Hospital of Puente de Camotlán, municipality of La Yesca, began operations in March 2008, but never had specialist doctors, despite having 12 registered beds, six non-registered beds, an operating room, a expulsion room and a recovery room, only General Medicine and Stomatology Consultations were carried out.

He added that with the entry of the IMSS-Wellness program as of April 1, 2022, this hospital began to provide care for Family Medicine, Emergencies, Surgical Medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, Medical Pediatrics and Anesthesiology.

Zoé Robledo highlighted that on May 5, after 14 years, the first surgery was performed at the Hospital de Puente de Camotlán, it was a right inguinal plasty to a 12-year-old patient, and after this intervention others have been performed.

“What this shows is that many times it was thought that the hospital is there and then all the services are there. The hospital is there, but there are no doctors, the hospital is there, there are doctors, but there are no supplies or the equipment is not good, so it is simply a building that does not help people’s health or helps marginally,” he said. .

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In terms of health personnel, he said that there is a goal of basicizing 830 workers who were hired on a temporary basis and to date 602 have been hired, which represents an advance of 73 percent.

The general director of the Institute added that with the IMSS-Well-being program, the Institutional Supply System was implemented, where warehouses are organized, pharmacies are expanded, monthly average calculations are made and weekly reports are made on the supply of prescriptions, and in the Nayarit’s case is 90.6 percent.

Maternal and perinatal health

On the other hand, Zoé Robledo congratulated the 35 million Mexican mothers for Mother’s Day, and commented that 4,383 girls and boys are born in Mexico every day.

He detailed some elements that contribute to maternal and perinatal health the Strengthening program and the Health Plan for Well-being, whose priority is to reduce maternal deaths.

He explained that one of the cases is the Tepic Women’s Hospital, which with the intervention of the IMSS, the Health Institute for Well-being (Insabi), the Health Secretariat and Governor Miguel Ángel Navarro, progress is being made in the construction and equipment, in order to give women a safe and highly specialized space.

He said that the amount of investment is 298 million pesos, it will have 30 beds and its start-up is considered, in a first stage, in July of this year. Subsequently, the integration of auditoriums and other services will continue.

Zoé Robledo added that in maternity and transformation, the expulsion rooms are strengthened, located within the Toco-surgery area, they have characteristics similar to those of an operating room, they are designed and equipped to attend to the expulsion period of labor.

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He indicated that to achieve this, real estate, equipment and specific infrastructure are required, and for this an investment of 219 thousand pesos was worked in order to achieve safe, human births that respect the rights of parents in the expulsion rooms of the Rosamorada, San Francisco, Ixtlán del Río, Santiago Ixcuintla and Puente de Camotlán Hospitals.

It made available to the population of Nayarit the telephone number 800 95 32 213 so that the population without social security can report situations related to medical care, unstocked medications or aspects of the infrastructure, where the person is identified by name and CURP, The unit that has the problem is referred, the situation is typified and the report is dealt with through a sheet of paper to give it continuity.

Hiring process for health workers in Tlaxcala

In another topic, he reported that in the Trinidad Vacation Center, 238 health workers began the hiring process to obtain an IMSS-Wellness base: 72 doctors with a seniority of 4 to 13 years, 131 nurses with a seniority of 3 to 11 years, and 35 paramedics with seniority from 3 to 11 years, places that will be granted on May 13, 2022.

He reported that in Tlaxcala the process of recruiting health personnel will continue and a visit will be made to the new General Hospital from May 13 to 15.

He added that in Durango there will be a work session at the Gómez Palacio General Hospital on May 14; in Sonora, work will be done to review the health component of the Justice Plans for Cananea and Yaqui Peoples from May 18 to 19; and in Zacatecas, the Fresnillo Women’s Hospital will be put into operation on June 1.

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