Hugo Maradona, Diego’s younger brother, dies

  • Little Maradona hinted at a successful football career, but it did not materialize, although he ended up playing for Rayo Vallecano and Rapid Vienna, among other clubs.

  • Hugo died in Naples, where he coached a third team, at age 52 due to cardiac arrest

Hugo Maradona, brother of Diego Armando, died this Tuesday at age 52 at his home in Naples as a consequence of cardiac arrest. He was born on May 9, 1969 and was the smallest of the brothers of the great football myth, who died on November 25, 2020 in the Buenos Aires outskirts.

Hugo, known as “the Turk”He tried to follow in his brother’s footsteps, something that in itself represented a huge challenge. Started on Argentinos Juniors, the club that gave him international relevance. He made his debut in the first division and participated in the team that won the 1986 Inter-American Cup. He barely played 16 games.

There was a strange year in Argentina, 1985, in which there was talk of two Maradonas at the same time. Diego had already settled in Napoli and was the main reference of the team he directed Carlos Bilardo, with a view to the World Cup in Mexico. At the same time, little Hugo, physiognomically similar to the captain of the older team although he was right-handed, led the U-17 team. There they were Fernando Redondo placeholder image and Fernando Cáceres, who would later shine in Spanish football.

But the one who stole all eyes was the Turk, among other things because he showed details of Diego. At times it seemed like a carbon copy on the court, and those similarities excited the fans. He even screamed the goals in the same way. The dynasty seemed secure.

With the ’10’ on the back

That U-17, mentored by Carlos Pachamé, Bilardo’s assistant in the senior team, was left with the South American Tournament, defeating Brazil, and all that from the hand of Hugo Maradona who, as appropriate, wore the number ten on his back.

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The promise that was hinted at in that contest never materialized. The lights that illuminated the “Turquito” soon went out. Hugo Maradona was sold to Italy where his surname was the best possible gateway, but, at the same time, a difficult weight to bear because the comparison was always breaking.

What was expected of him did not happen. Perhaps too long was expected. Was part of Vallecano Ray between 1988 and 1990. He also went through the Rapid in Vienna. He continued his career in Japan, without the brilliance that had once been hinted at. At the time of his death, he was serving as coach of the Real Parete, club of the third category of Naples.

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