How to activate the Twitter tips feature on the iPhone, to be rolled out in Canada

Twitter is rolling out new features for iOS users in Canada, including its Tips and Super Follows feature.

Suggestions allows Twitter users to receive one-time payments for certain third-party services, including Simple cash in Canada. The availability of the payment service depends on the region.

The feature has been limited to a select few in the US since May, but the Tips rollout is taking place globally on iOS today. Twitter confirmed for iPhone in Canada it will happen in the “next hours”.

The new tips feature will also allow first-time Bitcoin payments through Strike, built on the Bitcoin Lightning network.

Here’s how to turn on Twitter’s suggestion feature once it goes live tonight …

1. In the Twitter app for iOS, tap your profile and then ‘Edit profile’. From here, tap on “Suggestions” and choose “Allow Suggestions.”

2. Under “More Payment Options”, you will see options to enter your specific usernames for third party payment services.

Twitter tips how to set up

“You can tip to show support, show appreciation, help or reward whoever you want, from creators and emerging journalists to hosts of Twitter Spaces and more,” explained the social network. Twitter says it doesn’t charge fees for sending tips, but third-party services do. You can tip someone if they have the Suggestions icon next to their username.

Also rolling out in Canada for iOS users is the new Super Follows feature, which was previously only available in the US.

This feature is a monthly subscription service that allows creators to charge for increased access to their services, be it private messages or behind-the-scenes content. Super Follows will be expanding globally soon, but for now, it will only be available in the US and Canada.

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