• The presenter is one of the most popular faces on television in Spain

  • His work in El Hormiguero has led him to have an important economic remuneration

Pablo Motos He is undoubtedly one of the most relevant television presenters in Spain. His work at the head of ‘El Hormiguero’ for years has led him to obtain a significant financial remuneration.

According to the ‘Business Insider’ portal, Pablo Motos wins more than 4 million euros a year. And, if we do the calculation and divide the sum of money that comes in through the programs that it does, we could say that for each program you present you are earning about 25,000 euros.

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They are quite high figures to which few faces on television have access. But the truth is that ‘The Hormiguero’, which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 22:00 to 23:00, now has 16 seasons in which it has shown to have few rivals in the ‘prime time’ of television in Spain.


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