‘HIT’ in La 1 de TVE: students discover who hacked their mobiles

The 1 of TVE broadcasts tonight, at 10:40 p.m., a new chapter of the second season of ‘HIT’. In this installment, the teacher struggles to make his new Puertollano students see that this is their last chance to get back on track. However, he will win the enmity of all of them when they discover that he is responsible for the hacking of their mobiles.

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Matt openly declares war on him and gives Francis an ultimatum to kick the intruder out of his house. Hugo orders Maya to spy on the computer of this peculiar teenager who, in addition to suffering from a worrying addiction to screens, seems to hide a much more than dark secret.

Meanwhile, the students reluctantly attend their first cooking, mechanics and hairdressing classes. Hugo decides to motivate them by shaking them with a therapeutic class based on hammering destruction. And, once again, the “HIT & rdquor; it will have unforeseen consequences, it will violate all the norms of the institute and it will raise blisters among the faculty.


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