Canales Rivera and Julen play the expulsion at the Halloween gala of ‘Secret Story’

Telecinco broadcasts tonight, starting at 8:00 p.m., ‘Secret Story’ special Halloween gala. After the salvation of Sandra, one of the two nominees (Canales Rivera and Julen) will be expelled and the rest of the participants will participate in a new and disturbing round of nominations marked by a terrifying journey not without surprise presences through which to avoid a double Tunnel of Terror.

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In addition, several of the participants have shown their interest in pressing the button again to bet on the revelation of one or more of the six secrets that remain to be revealed, so that a new confrontation and resolution of the bet could take place in director. If one of these secrets is revealed, there could be news about the spheres that each contestant has in their possession (one of them, belonging at the time to Lucia, is still pending to be assigned to one of the participants). One of the spheres contains the final prize of 50,000 euros.

Finally, Gemeliers and Canales will have a face to face with Luca in which they will try to solve pending issues between them.

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