Saskatoon appears to be a hotspot for ticks this spring, an expert says.

Dr. Emily Jenkins, professor of veterinary microbiology at the University of Saskatchewan, says this spring’s tick population isn’t higher than in other years, but people may be seeing them more in their yards and on their pets.

“Any place that dogs hang out, ticks like to hang out as well and we’re also seeing a lot more urban rabbits and birds coming through and they bring their little tick presents as well,” she says.

Most of the critters are American Dog Ticks which don’t carry Lyme disease, according to Jenkins.

She recommends the tick medication available at vet clinics to help protect pets and suggests using the eTick app to report tick sightings.

Staff at Early’s Farm and Garden have been busy this spring keeping shelves stocked with products to help repel or kill ticks.

“Ticks have already started this year which is very unfortunate but that’s what happens in spring here in Saskatchewan,” Audra Cooper said.

Many customers are looking for a product that will kill ticks in their yards, such as Trounce. Cooper says people must be careful to apply it only to grass and not blooming plants or foliage, so it doesn’t kill helpful insects like bees.

They also sell is a garlic barrier which is safe to use and is also favored

for repelling mosquitoes.

Tick ​​season is only expected to be at a peak for the next couple of weeks.

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