Heavy vehicles disturb a residential area in Trois-Rivières

Although the sector is strictly prohibited for the circulation of heavy trucks, residents of a residential area in Trois-Rivières, in Mauricie, denounce the noise made by dozens of heavy vehicles every day traveling in their streets, which are exempt prohibitions.

In fact, local deliveries are authorized and there are many shops and businesses in the area.

“A whole neighborhood, if a trucker has to make a delivery in the neighborhood where several arteries are said to be prohibited for heavy vehicles, he will be able to enter and exit through several doors,” explained the traffic controller and communications officer of Contrôle route Québec. , Sebastien Drolet.

However, it is forbidden to use the neighborhood as a shortcut.

“Example: a trucker who has business at the Port of Trois-Rivières and who uses McDougall to get there, that is not allowed because his final destination is outside the prohibited zone,” he added.

The majority of the trucks intercepted by Mr. Drolet on Friday were driving legally, except for one on de la Commune Boulevard. He was fined $175 for driving on a road prohibited for heavy vehicles, another ticket for an unpaid permit and a warning for failing to complete the patrol report.

Even though there are only a handful of these drivers who are illegal, all the trucks driving around disturb the citizens.

“It’s scary, it shakes, the house vibrates at night. During the day, it is tolerated, but it is tiring, ”described a citizen of the sector.

A dozen signs indicating the forbidden zone that surrounds the district have already been fixed, but the citizens want more. They would particularly like the heart of the district to make it clearer. Others also illustrate a mandatory transit with a direction that must be followed.

Under the responsibility of the City, the signs are posted especially for truckers.

“Of course, if the truckers do not know or do not see the signs, we can help them a little,” said the municipal councilor for the sector, Dany Carpentier.

An additional poster could therefore be installed in the heart of the district, but it is difficult to say whether it will force truckers to drive elsewhere.


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