The last Haitian migrants who were on the border between Mexico and the United States have left the makeshift camps that they occupied and were accommodated in shelters. In particular to the humanitarian reception center in Val Verde, Texas.

Several volunteers sometimes came from far away to help, like this man from OHIO: “We have so much stuff, so I want to give them a hand. Help them take the first step, like a child, and then you will see them run.”

The footage of mounted police grabbing migrants to push them back across the border have gone viral and shocked many Americans. Joe Biden spoke of “scandalous” acts.

Alejandro Mayorkas, State Secretary for Internal Security: “The images horrified us by what they suggest and what they evoke, not only in relation to the history of our country, but unfortunately by the fact that this page of history has not been entirely turned . And that means there is a lot of work to be done, and we are very determined to do it. “

The city of Del Rio, Texas, had as many as 15,000 people, including many Haitians, as of the weekend of last week. 2,000 of them were deported by plane to Haiti. Another 12,000 will have to go to an immigration judge to defend their asylum claim.

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