The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has released its 2021 highlights from its prairie region, including some interesting stories that happened in Saskatchewan.

American traveler fined for undeclared firearms

The first climax took place in February at the Northgate, Sask port of entry, which is located about 265 kilometers southeast of Regina on the Saskatchewan-North Dakota border.

The CBSA said a traveler from the US was seeking to enter Canada as a tourist despite COVID-19 restrictions in place.

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During the exchange, border security agents arrested the individual after they located two undeclared handguns in a duffel bag.

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However, what really surprised CBSA officers was when their database revealed that the traveler had a prior conviction, rendering the person ineligible to enter the country.

The CBSA fined the individual for not declaring the firearms. The traveler returned to the United States without the weapons.

Multiple guns, ammo results in a large fine

The following incident occurred in August at the North Portal, Sask. Port of entry, located approximately 150 miles southeast of Regina.

CBSA officers conducted a routine examination of an American traveler en route to Alaska.

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Officers found four pistols, two prohibited assault rifles, three unrestricted long pistols, and 40 prohibited magazines in the person’s truck.

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The traveler was arrested and returned to the US with the unrestricted weapons only. However, before returning to the US, the person received $ 7,000 in fines.

Prohibited weapons discovered in semi-trailer

Another incident at North Portal occurred in October when CBSA officers conducted a semi-trailer unloading examination, according to CBSA Highlights.

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The inspection uncovered 220 knives and 22 brass fists, which are banned in Canada.

Officers seized the undeclared weapons without conditions of release.


In April, North Portal officers processed a Canadian resident returning from the US with a horse.

The CBSA said the individual “was not frank about the horse’s origins, then showed a false receipt with a value much lower than what was paid for.”

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The Canadian traveler was hit with $ 17,350 in fines due to his actions.

The CBSA added that the person would only have paid approximately $ 800 in GST if they had provided a truthful statement up front.

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