Although the pandemic and vaccination continue to worry Internet users the most, this 2021 they have begun to appear Other themes among the interests of the public, which account for a some recovery of ‘normality’. In its already traditional at this time year summary, Google has published the list of the ‘most wanted’ globally and by country, a list of ‘trends’ among which stand out Alec Baldwin -who accidentally killed the cinematographer during a filming of the film ‘Rust’-, ‘The squid game’ -the South Korean bombing that broke all Netflix records- and one of the cryptocurrencies that has caused the most talk this year: Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency derived from Litecoin that uses a Shiba Inu dog from the internet meme ‘Doge’ as a pet.

In Spain, in addition to the interest in ‘tomorrow weather’, ‘The island of temptations’,’ why does the arm hurt with the vaccine? ‘, people have wondered’ why isn’t Melendi in ‘La Voz’? or ‘What is the name of Thor’s hammer?’, one of the most recurrent questions that usually appear for a few years in the ‘top ten’ of Google [la respuesta es “Mjölnir”, por cierto]. Sporting events also stand out, such as, for example, the celebration of the Eurocup (‘When does Spain play?’) Or Messi’s departure from FC Barcelona (‘Why is Messi leaving?’).

The electricity bill and the covid passport

We Spaniards have also asked ourselves ‘Why does a volcano erupt?’ or ‘Why is the light going up?’ or ‘How to get the covid passport?’.

Globally, there has been a lot of interest in the sport. Among the most searched terms, is the cricket, the North American Professional Basketball League (NBA) and international soccer competitions Euro 2021 and the America Cup.

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In the category ‘News’, in addition to the perennial covid-19, a lot of information has also been required about ‘Afghanistan’, where the Taliban took power last August.

In the ‘deaths’ section, the searches have been taken over by the rapper DMX, the American ‘youtuber’ Gabby Petito who never returned alive from a van trip with her boyfriend, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and the queen’s husband Isabel II.

In the ‘Culture’ section, the year began by looking for the meaning of ‘doomscrolling’ (“spending an inordinate amount of time reading negative news on social media in difficult times); ‘pirate songs’ or ‘mittens’ were also searched more than ever, after the photo meme of Bernie Sanders wearing oversized gloves. valances during the inauguration of at the inauguration of Joe Biden.

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Other of the most requested topics this year have also been ‘pride events near me’ (whose searches increased by 5,000% worldwide), the ‘body positive’ movement or how to say it in sign language ” I love you “(because the group BTS and other K-Pop groups have included this language in their choreographies).

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