The National Police found the corpse of the 66-year-old actress Verónica Forqué at her home on Monday, who took her own life in her home in the capital of Spain, according to sources from the investigation confirmed to Efe.

A person called 112 at 12:49 pm to report a suicide attempt in a house located at number 7 Víctor de la Serna street.

The Summa 112 toilets were moved to the home, which could only confirm the death of the actress.

Forqué, who participated in this edition of Masterchef Celebrity, left the television program a few weeks ago alleging health problems after, on several occasions, he had recognized suffering from depression.

The corpse of the actress is still at home awaiting judicial authorization to lift her body.

Award-winning actress

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Forqué, winner of four Goya, two Sant Jordi, three Fotogramas de Plata and also awarded at the Valladolid and Malaga festivals, among others, has been “Almodóvar girl” and later, by the hand of Fernando Colomo, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Manuel Iborra and Joaquín Oristrell, “one of the leading faces of Spanish comedy”.

Specialists point out that suicide deaths never have their only trigger, but are the result of psychological, biological and social factors that have treatment. People with suicidal behaviors and those close to them can receive help 24 hours a day by calling 112 or by contacting the Telephone of Hope (717 00 37 17).

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