GHB, liquid ecstasy, G, baby bottles… All these names point to the same thing, one of the designer drugs banned since the end of the last century after causing several deaths in the United States. GHB is, according to investigations by the Ertzaintza, the substance used by Nelson, the man investigated for the death of four people in Bilbao, on their contacts made through a gay dating app. It is also the weapon chemical submission to nullify the will of the victims most used in our country, ahead of the burundanga.

Police sources explain to CASO ABIERTO, the investigative channel of Prensa IbĂ©rica, how the clandestine GHB circuit in our country, centered on large cities and homosexual environments. “At first it was used for recreational and sexual purposes, because GHB, taken a tiny dosesit produces relaxing and vasodilating effects”. The problem is that, for several years now, GHB has been increasingly used as a weapon of chemical submission to override the will of victims and steal their possessions, their credit cards… Many of the victims also do not report the crime due to embarrassment or other reasons personal.

Some drops

“Just add a few drops of GHB to the drink, which they are transparent and do not smellin order to annul the will of a person”, emphasize police sources specialized in the fight against designer drugs. hustlers, scammers and criminals in general use it to subdue their victims and rob them. Sometimes, as happened at the Palace hotel in Madrid on October 30, the victim, a former director of the Astilleros Barreras company in Vigo, died of an overdose given to him by two of those criminals, currently in prison for homicide, robbery with violence and fraud.

“GHB trafficking is carried out in small groups, but it is increasingly on the rise in Spain and the European Union”, admit police sources. In fact, the National Police has already carried out several investigations at European level from which they conclude that the so-called liquid ecstasy is sold online and can be easily purchased and with a legal alibi: to use it as Plant fertilizer or tire cleaner of cars. Websites located in countries like the Netherlands sell these products in large quantities for a price of “about one hundred euros per litre”.

Bottles at 2,000 euros

Later, already on the street, the drug is sold in “pipettes” in the style of children’s syrups, which in slang are known as “bottles.” They have a capacity of about 20 centiliters and a price close to 2,000 euros, according to police sources.

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There is another circuit to get GHB in Spain, much simpler than the one you have to follow to get the other great chemical submission drug, burundanga. All thanks to a legal loophole. In our country you can freely buy GHL, the precursor of GHB. When you take GHL, your body goes through a series of chemical reactions that convert it to GHB, so there’s no need to buy the banned drug. And it is also much less risky. The penalty for buying GHL in Spain is the same, explain sources in the fight against chemical submission drugs, “the same as if we buy or sell spoiled meat or contraband bleach; It is not punished as drug trafficking”.

The problem is that GHB takes longer to clear from the body than burundanga, which disappears after six hours and becomes undetectable.

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