Gathered around Capra, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

In a scene at the end of ‘How beautiful it is to live’, Clarence, the angel who will finally get the wings that will turn him into a first-rate angel, asks for “a very warm wine, with cinnamon and cloves & rdquor ;. They also drink that concoction when everyone celebrates that George Bailey has come back to life and you have discovered that your presence makes the world a more livable place. Every year, and a few years ago, I cry again with a movie that I already know by heart and that it is always new, it is always about to show you new corners. It is a story crisp and simple and, at the same time, it is full of folds, with a memorable script and an extraordinary James Stewart like the common man who despairs and laughs, who sinks and stands up.

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Salvador García-Arbós, one of the organizers of the annual ceremony at the Truffaut Cinema in Girona, every December 22, this year it provided the mulled wine novelty as the closing of the Christmas rite. He explained its ancient origins and the tradition, especially Nordic, of moderate astringency with species. We feel a little more angelic. And we remember again why we rallied around Capra. To think that, despite all the obstacles, goodness comes loaded with meaning.

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