From tapadismo to ccholatero

In anticipated times, the president decided months ago to unleash the fight for the presidential succession to occupy Morena’s candidacy. With his PRI training, it was obvious that he would go to do it following the dinosaurs ritual of uncovering. Or a variant, because now he named “bottle caps” and he designated himself as the one who will uncover the winning bottle cap. True to the finger, then.

To remember how the succession game played by the PRI presidents was like, it is worth dusting off the book “La Herencia. Archeology of the presidential succession ”, by Jorge Castañeda from 1999. The author interviewed four former presidents to obtain their version of how at the time they were anointed as the uncovered and how later, according to the ritual, they were responsible for the undemocratic ceremonial of bowing to the party for his chosen one. Castañeda identifies that, in that game, the president, in the second half of his term, was shaping up covered.

At times he would send signals that he was leaning towards one, but then towards others: whoever sat next to him at an event, whom he appointed as a speaker at an event, whom he quoted most frequently, and so on. In this way he kept his deck open and his interest – or distraction – in interpreting Tapadismo. All presidents allowed varying degrees of pounding among the candidates in an effort to test their mettle and keep them in competition. As they were the times of corporatist priism, it was necessary to preserve the cynical and hypocritical forms: “the Party forces have leaned towards you,” they all said. De la Madrid innovated within the ceremonial, by organizing a formal catwalk for its six candidates to finally give the divine finger.

Now, the tapadismo of the new PRI (that is, Morena) occurs with the variant that the official party does not end up curdling and the corporatist support no longer exists, although the president has great autocratic power.

By openly revealing that his sympathy is for Claudia Scheinbaum, some say that he is not following the rule of the PRI uncovers of “playing” with Tapadismo in a more sophisticated way. Although there is a possibility that she wants to exhaust Claudia and she still has her winning bottle cap hidden. In that case he would prove to be a cunning bottle opener. For now, early succession is an excellent distractor to keep setting your schedule.

Either way, it is a process that can be complicated. Scheinbaum already has a pre-campaign structure, the same Ebrard, but apparently he would be willing to be championed by another party. We must not underestimate Monreal, an old political sea dog, who is not López Obrador’s favorite but who is willing to fight “to be a candidate for Morena or Morena,” he said.

Castañeda identifies the most important factor for the decision when he asks López Portillo: “Why do you think Echeverría leaned for you? He answers: I can become transcendental and think about important things, but I think first of all because of the close friendship we had since we were children ”. Does López Obrador have someone like this in his closed circle?

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