“Freedom convoy”: arrests in sight for supplies in Ottawa

People who come to supply food or gas to “freedom convoy” protesters in downtown Ottawa are now at risk of arrest, police said Sunday afternoon.

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“Anyone who tries to bring material (gas, etc.) to help the demonstrators could be arrested”, indicated the police force on Twitter.

Earlier in the morning, the police said they had issued more than 450 fines over the weekend to protesters who have been disrupting the city center for ten days.

As of 11 a.m., police said they had handed out more than 450 fines since Saturday morning for a multitude of offenses, ranging from excessive noise to dangerous driving.

Driving without insurance or without a license, camouflaged license plate, exhaust pipe that does not meet standards, burnt out red light, failure to wear a seat belt; the Ottawa police have increased their interventions with the demonstrators for all sorts of reasons.

This is a paradigm shift in controlling the protest, which entered its tenth day on Sunday.

From the start, the Ottawa police have favored a mediation-based approach with the organizers of the “freedom convoy” in trying to convince people to return to their homes, even though the chief of police, Peter Sloly, regularly calls “intolerable” the occupation of the city center of the capital.

In addition, close to a hundred investigations for criminal acts committed during the demonstration have been opened to date, while the hate line dedicated to hateful acts launched by the police has received more than 200 denunciations, according to the most recent count.


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