For extended hours and food in schools they ask for 32,000 million pesos

The Secretary of Public Education, Defina Gómez, asked the members of the Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies for a budget increase of 32,000 million pesos for 2023 to maintain the benefits of extended hours and food for students in the program La Escuela es Nuestra and that they were part of the full-time schools.

After postponing a meeting with legislators four times, Gómez met yesterday afternoon with parliamentary leaders to explain the impact of the disappearance of the Full Time Schools program.

When disclosing some details of the meeting, the SEP indicated that its head explained that among the reasons for eliminating the Full-Time Schools program is that the benefits were not applied.

The SEP reported that 14,739 schools provided food to one million 427,000 children, which means that 46% did not provide the service that the instrument entailed. In addition to maintaining that there was concern about the management of resources, since there was a lot of intermediation and the benefits did not reach everyone.

They see failure in meeting

The secretary of the Education Commission of Deputies, Olga Luz Espinosa Morales (PRD), described the work meeting with Gómez Álvarez as a “failure” since, she said, she was unable to answer the questions of the deputies.

For her part, deputy Cynthia Iliana López Castro (PRI), secretary of the Education Commission, affirmed that the meeting with the head of the SEP was “a vacillation.”

He affirmed that the federal official did not give an answer to the issue of the disappearance of the Full Time Schools, and questioned that the meeting was held behind closed doors and scheduled at the same time as the last plenary session.

“(The official) just came to give a very careful message,” he said.

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