Officialism goes through forums to analyze changes

Faced with a call for vindication, the Morena parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies urged opposition legislators to support the electoral reform initiative sent yesterday by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Ignacio Mier, leader of Morena in San Lázaro, asserted that the debate and vote on the reform in political-electoral matters of the federal Executive will be broad, for which reason they are preparing to hold informative forums and assemblies as happened with the electrical reform. In addition, he ruled out that Morena is going to promote an extraordinary period for voting.

Later, Ignacio Mier emphasized that the “Together We Make History” coalition (Morena, PT and PVEM) will invite all the parties to build an opinion that collects all the visions, just as it was done in the electrical reform where the 12 opposition petitions.

The deputy considered that it is necessary to have a citizenized electoral body, to review all the procedures for the election of the councilors that make up the body that leads the electoral process, “because they become fiefdoms, and the worst, only two or three are the gentlemen feudals who have control, guidance and conduct of the institute.

For her part, deputy Aleida Alavez commented that Morena will organize 300 assemblies for each of the country’s districts. A dynamic of communication and interaction will be developed to build participatory and direct democracy.

“Not only the people are going to participate when it comes to electing their representatives to participate in transcendental issues for the country,” he added.

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