Feijóo offers himself as a guarantor of “stability” in the face of a Spain of “conflict and trench”

  • The leader of the PP makes his debut before Catalan businessmen betting on retouching fiscal policy to contain inflation

launching of Alberto Nunez Feijoo to unfold your economic plan. The leader of PP made its debut before businessmen at the 37th meeting of the Cercle d’Economia in Barcelona and broke down its proposal for contain inflation in order to win over the Catalan elite. His recipe goes through the rationalization of superfluous spending, to lower VAT by 5% on electricity and gas, to adjust personal income tax, to act on corporate tax and to redesign the allocation of European funds.

Thus, the new popular leader has offered himself as guarantor of “stability” before a Spain where “the conflict and the trench” reign, delving into the fact that the tensions and dissensions within the Government add uncertainties to economic prosperity. “Our country is suffering political and economic instability and, in both cases, with increasing virulence,” he snapped, making the President of the Government ugly, Pedro Sanchezthat he did not accept his plan and that he did not lend a hand to sew great consensus.

The ‘procés’, Feijóo has said, makes this turbulent scenario even worse because, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has gone “from being a supposedly liberating instrument to becoming a piece to try to subordinate Western democracies to an autocratic power”, as Russia seeks to weaken the EU and fragment states. In his opinion, sovereignty is a “bad business” that “only generates frustration and paralysis” by undermining the institutions of self-government. “Catalonia must disconnect less and reconnect more”he inquired, focusing on bets such as the Mediterranean Corridor and the expansion of Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

The solutions to the Catalan conflict, he maintained, are in the Constitution, Magna Carta, which he has valued as a safeguard for the very essence of each territory within Spain and calling himself “autonomist”: “He is a personality that is not capricious, as some centralist mindsets assert: We do not cultivate it out of a desire to harass others, but to preserve a heritage and to contribute to the common […] . I do not understand identity as a form of arbitrary rebellion, but as a way to reaffirm what each one is “, she has slipped.

Distances with Vox

Feijóo has made an effort to distance himself from the extreme right after the pact in Castilla y León, and at the gates of an election in Andalusia, with a portrait of the Autonomous Communities as part of the State and not as a juxtaposed reality. “We have three things that differentiate us: we are a pro-European party and we are part of the first party in Europe, we are an autonomist party and we are a party of managers”, he has cleared, while Vox “is not clear”.

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The popular leader has been the opening act for the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezwhich lands in Catalonia in the midst of the crisis with the ERC due to espionage and one day after the director of the CNI, Peace Stephenwill reveal in Congress that the body he leads has monitored 18 pro-independence supporters with a court order, including the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonesand the environment of the former president Carles Puigdemont.

The first swords of the Catalan leadership -Alejandro Fernández, Santi Rodríguez, Dolors Montserrat, Llanos de Luna and Manu Reyes- see the figure of Feijóo as an antidote to refloat electorally in Catalonia, with a much more moderate discourse than his predecessor and with greater territorial sensitivity, with a speech in which he tiptoes through the procedural confrontation and focused on the economic world.

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