Extend the summer by drinking Quebec, from the Côte-Nord to Cap-Saint-Ignace

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A gin that tastes the Côte-Nord

Gin Norkotié

Alcohol level: 44%
Price: $ 50.25 at the SAQ

The Vent du Nord distillery in Baie-Comeau is the life project of a woman who defines herself as fiery, passionate and innovative. Since 2018, Catherine Blier has devoted herself body and soul to her artisanal distillery project, which she sees both as a catalyst for regional economic development, a way of expressing her ecological values ​​and an ode to the beauty and richness of flavors. of his hometown. Her very first baby, Norkotié gin, offers our taste buds a real journey through north-coastal territory.

With aromatics such as fermented poplar, black currant, haskap, Nordic juniper, Labrador tea, Norkotié fulfills its promises to capture the spirit of the Côte-Nord in the bottle.

For the most discerning palates, this forest gin can quite simply be enjoyed on ice, which leaves plenty of room for fir and herbaceous scents, not to mention the saline touch that makes the experience in the mouth unique.

A wine full of lace

Hortensias 2020

Alcohol level: 12.8%
Blend: swenson white, pinot gris, petite perle, sainte-croix
Price: Around $ 20 in specialized grocery stores and SAQs

The Mas des Patriotes is a jewel of the Montérégie. Nestled in the heart of the Richelieu valley in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the estate’s fertile lands produce grapes from hybrid vines as well as viniferas. Its winemaker, France Cliche, is recognized for creating wines of emotion and finesse. There is no doubt that the Mas des Patriotes is in great symbiosis with its environment. First, it is certified organic and then it defines itself as a Nordic vineyard. A sign that we live there in harmony with the vagaries of our climate, or even that we succeed in making very great wines. The Hydrangeas 2020 is proof of this.

In this case, the first impression is the right one. The transparent bottle catches our eye, revealing a pretty pale pink color reminiscent of Provençal rosés. When you put your nose in the glass, the charm continues, all in finesse. Delicate aromas of tropical fruits and a hint of candy come together in a perfectly happy marriage. On the palate, the quality anticipated to the eye is confirmed. The very pleasant fruity side is deepened by an acidity just sharp enough to make us salivate and make us want another sip. It’s fine, it’s flexible and it’s delicious at the same time. A wine that lends itself to multiple occasions: an aperitif of choice, of course, but which also has its place at the table, accompanied by creamy pasta with wild mushrooms. Also try with grilled white fish or smoked salmon.

A Quebec cider with Alsatian accents

Cider Net Frette Sec

Alcohol level: 7%
Blend: Honeycrisp cryoconcentrated apples, Cortland and McIntosh
Price: around $ 20 in groceries

Quebec cider has not finished wowing you. The watchwords of a majority of producers in 2021 are daring and creativity. It is this taste for risk that we find in the Net Frette Sec cuvée from producer Jean-François Ritt, from the La Pomme du Saint-Laurent cider house in Cap-Saint-Ignace. The particularity of the product: the cryoconcentration of Honeycrisp apple juice. In other words, we use the natural cold of our Quebec winter to concentrate the sugars in apple juice, which brings a lot of aromatic depth. Note that Net Frette Sec is a product that is considered dry, with less than 3 g / l of residual sugar.

For the development of his product, the producer has chosen not to filter the cider, so as to let the aromas express themselves without compromise, and not to add sulphites. The bubble, for its part, was obtained by gasification.

At first glance, the transparent bottle that reveals a straw yellow color with golden reflections has enough to make us want to serve ourselves a glass! On the nose, we discover a complex universe combining aromas of pear, yellow apple, almond and honey. The pleasure deepens in the mouth thanks to an explosion of citrus fruits, a very biting acidity, a fine bubble and a rather persistent finish. The Net Frette Sec is a very fine gourmet cider that we will taste at the table with white pizzas with wild mushrooms and seasonal herbs.

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