Euphoria in Genoa after the historic victory in Andalusia: Feijóo looks at Moncloa

  • The national leadership understands that the party “begins a new stage” with Feijóo in command after this 19-J, the first elections under his leadership

The unprecedented success that Juanma Moreno Bonilla’s PP signed on the electoral night of June 19 in Andalusia, consolidating the absolute majority (57 seats), unleashed a state of total euphoria in Genoa, which is already making its first projections looking at Moncloa.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo lived his first regional elections as national leader after the negotiation of Castilla y León (where the PP had to assume its first coalition with Vox) took place in full transition to his presidency. The obsession from that moment is that the Castilian-Leon case did not have an Andalusian reply and not depend on vox to form a new government.

The general secretary, Cuca Gamarra, expressed it accompanied by the staff of the formation without hiding the exaltation that the Andalusian recount produced in the popular headquarters: “Andalusia has given an absolute historical majority to the PP. We started a new stage of a tremendous illusion. All of Spain was awaiting these elections and has chosen to make a policy of stability, rigor and management & rdquor ;. In the PP they understand that Pedro Sánchez must make “a reflection” after the collapse of the PSOE: “It is the failure of sanchismo. His project is exhausted”settled the number two of the match.

The reading among the popular is that the ‘Feijóo effect’ has been proven, this time by the hand of Moreno. Both leaders coincide in their political commitment to moderation and to broaden the bases of the PP by looking at PSOE voters, without taking into account the postulates of the ultra party, and very far from the profile it represents Isabel Diaz Ayuso in Madrid. The Madrid leader had a resounding success in May of last year, but she was four deputies short of the absolute majority in a community faithful to the PP brand. Hence, in the match they clearly point out that Moreno “has surpassed Ayuso’s feat & rdquor ;.

In the PP they consider that the turnaround experienced in Andalusia (socialist fiefdom without possible comparison -tinted blue at this time after only three and a half years of government by the PP, including the province of Seville in which the conservatives win for the first time in democracy – is a turning point “without nuances” and endorses the position defended by Feijóo: it is possible to recover governance alone and not depend on Vox with a moderate speech.

In the popular dome they recognize that “the road is long & rdquor; and the next stop will be the regional and municipal elections. But, at this moment, they point out, the most important thing was to leave what happened in Castile and Leon in “anecdotal & rdquor ;. Despite the optimism experienced throughout the electoral campaign, with polls pointing at all times to a very clear victory for Moreno, in Genoa they opted for prudence until well into the scrutiny. “Reaching an absolute majority is very complicated & rdquor ;, they repeated over and over again positioning themselves in the 50 seats, but without taking for granted that they would reach the key figure.

“Vox made us the campaign & rdquor;

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In the PP they assure that Vox’s strategy of insisting that “if they needed a single deputy & rdquor; to reach the absolute majority “They would demand to be part of the Andalusian Government & rdquor; turned against the ultra, who placed Moreno as “the true useful vote & rdquor ;. “They actually turned the elections into a kind of second round. It was Moreno with them or Moreno alone & rdquor ;, they reflect in Genoa. And, from there, they consider that the PP candidate finished consolidating the support of undecided and doubting socialist voters.

In any case, the absolute majority of Moreno gives the PP a decisive oxygen balloon for the new election cycle and very especially for the voters of the right after the party of Santiago Abascal was unable to meet expectations. “They have punctured and Olona has failed,” concludes a leader of the popular leadership.

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