ERC will not present an amendment to the entire Budget in the Senate

  • Republicans prioritize continuing to negotiate the audiovisual law and propose blocking the accounts with partial amendments

ERC will not submit an amendment to the entirety of the State’s general budgets in the Senate, despite the lack of agreement with the PSOE on the audiovisual law, as party sources have confirmed to EL PERIÓDICO.

Republicans have ruled out the possibility of submitting this amendment – the deadline to do so ends this Friday at 12.00 – because they argue that they no longer did so in the Congress of Deputies and they prioritize continuing to negotiate the audiovisual law to redo the agreement on the quotas of Catalan on audiovisual platforms.

ERC warned that it could veto the processing of the accounts in the Senate after it emerged that the 6% quota for co-official languages in the catalog of audiovisual platforms, it did not affect platforms that are not based in Spain.

Partial amendments

Given this warning, on Wednesday the contacts between ERC and the PSOE began to unblock the audiovisual law and they began to continue talking about this issue. Now, ERC has ruled out presenting an amendment to the entire budget in the Senate, a decision that did not guarantee the blocking of the processing of the accounts, since in the upper house they need more support.

However, if they do not reach an agreement with the PSOE on the audiovisual law, the Republicans do consider trying lock Budgets through the partial amendments in the Senate, which would cause the accounts to be returned to Congress, where ERC does have the capacity to veto them.

In search of a “balance”

Although the coalition Government and ERC have not yet managed to close the open crisis, the Minister of the Presidency and main negotiator of the Executive, Felix Bolaños, has assured this Thursday that they will continue to dialogue with the Catalan Republicans to seek a “Balance”. And government sources assure that the situation with ERC will be redirected “very soon”.

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Pedro Sánchez’s henchman made it clear, in an interview on Antena 3, that “the fundamental part of the law” is that it be capable of “attracting investment” and generating “attractions for the industry and large companies”, to convert Spain in a “audiovisual production hub worldwide. “However, Bolaños did not clarify how this discrepancy with ERC will be resolved.” We are working with different scenarios, “he said.

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