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The holiday light display in downtown Riverview, NB, has gotten bigger and more festive this year.

It is made up of 52,000 lights that run from the Fundy Chocolate River Station and continue along Coverdale Road for one kilometer to the Gunningsville Bridge area.

On November 25, lights were turned on to beautify the area, welcome visitors to Riverview, and help support local businesses.

“(We) honestly want to make residents smile … and celebrate the holiday season,” said community recreation coordinator Ash Arrowsmith.

He said the Light Up Riverview display, which started in 2018, is the largest festive no-pay display in Atlantic Canada.

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“You don’t have to pay anything, just come and enjoy the light…. Get physically active and get that mental boost, ”Arrowsmith said.

The budgeted amount for Light Up Riverview, which includes maintenance, underground electrical work, the purchase of light bulbs and wires, and installation, is $ 40,000. The next year, the budget was increased to $ 60,000 to allow for more electrical and underground panels.

The electricity bill also costs the city $ 1,250 a month.

“We are really opening the doors and we hope that people from across the province and people from outside the province, if restrictions allow, will come visit us here,” Arrowsmith said.

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This year the city also decided to light some trees on the other side of the Gunningsville Bridge and so far Arrowsmith said it has been a success, as seen by the number of people walking the trail route.

The trail begins at the Fundy Chocolate River Station and ends at the Gunningsville Bridge area.

“It’s really cool because you would think that in December the number of people on the trail is decreasing, but it is actually increasing and the numbers are comparable to our August numbers on the trail, which is really a good thing,” said Arrowsmith .

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He said there are some people who hike at 2am and enjoy the lights, which are on from dusk to dawn.

The lights will also stay on until January 6, 2022.

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