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The Calgary energy company seeks to better understand how, when and where electric vehicle (EV) owners are charging their cars.

Enmax hopes to collect data while there are still around 3,000 electric vehicles in the city. The internal model shows that up to 200,000 electric vehicles could be operating in the city by 2035.

It is part of Enmax Power’s Charge Up program that began in 2019 to investigate when and how long people charge their electric cars. It found that four out of five electric vehicle owners plug in their cars at 5 p.m., at the same time that the power grid is in peak demand.

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The second phase of the program aims to test how to shift the load to off-peak hours.

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Enmax is seeking 250 local EV owners to participate in the research, sharing charging data through an automated device while earning rewards.

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Ontario government increasingly focuses on electric vehicles

The latest study will also provide Enmax with data on how to optimize the network for increased charging demand from electric vehicles. Since 2018, electric vehicles have seen 60 percent growth in Calgary.

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“Enmax Power is preparing for the growth of electric vehicles to ensure that we can meet customer demand for years to come,” President Jana Mosley said in a statement.

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The pilot will run until the end of 2022 and Calgary-based electric vehicle owners can Register onlineregardless of who your energy retailer is.

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“As an EV owner, I am flexible when I charge, and if there is a better time for the system, and that generates a financial benefit for customers like me, that sounds like a win-win,” Blake Shaffer, Vehicle Driver electrical and economics professor said in a statement. “As an economist, we know that electric vehicles are gaining popularity and integrating them into the grid profitably is the right thing to do.

“Drivers like this are a good example of how we can prepare intelligently.”

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