Student life movies

Student life is famous for being full of carefree fun, joy, and adventure. However, there is also room for intrigue, small tragedies, and disappointments. All of this weaves together in educational institutions and sometimes it is very difficult to make the right choice and do the right thing. How do students live? What goes on in young heads and hot hearts, how do people become who they are? Answers to all these questions like many others are tried to find the heroes of the films presented in this category.

Sydney White

Sydney White’s mother used to run a student sisterhood at the university. Now, after her mother’s longtime death, her daughter wants to join this sisterhood on her way to university. However, the desire to become a member of this organization is lost when Sydney finds out that the head of the once glorious sisterhood is Rachel – a blonde with an inflated sense of ego. Rachel’s ex-boyfriend begins to pay attention to Sydney. This annoys the confident blonde, who does everything …

Every American student should belong to fraternities and sororities. This is also where Sydney, a sweet girl from a simple working-class family, aspires to join. However, Sydney crosses the path of the head of the sorority, Rachel, by daring to meet her boyfriend. Under pressure from militant blondes, Sydney joins up with the outcasts like her and begins to challenge them.

The Riot Club

For a long time now, Oxford University has had a closed club of rebels, not every student can get in. But two freshmen – Miles and Alistair – get the right to join the daredevils and aristocrats of the university, who consider themselves the best, the chosen, the free, and the unpunished. The freshmen are seduced by the freedom of action and the opportunity to express themselves, but the young men of the rebel club are violent narcissists who believe that their parents’ money decides everything. 

The wealthiest offspring of British families formed an elite community of revelers within its walls. Dressed in tails, the young gentlemen enjoy the freedom of their status. But aristocratic luxury hides vices that are as old as the world.


Grindale Community College is a colorful group of students: the once-successful and handsome Jeff Winger, beautiful blonde and aspiring socialite Britta Perry, single mother Shirley Bennett, charming and shy Annie Edison, witty movie and TV personality Abed Nadir, former football player Troy Barnes and older man Pierce Hawthorne, who has been married seven times.

Paintball battles to the death. Trial by jury in a swimming pool. A mafia controlling the production of fried chicken for the canteen. The sharing of counterfeit chemistry textbooks. Anthropology classes watching YouTube videos. These are the daily routines of Greendale Community College, a fraternity of a former lawyer, a divorced housewife, a lonely pensioner, yesterday’s high school losers, and an activist hottie.

Monsters University

Monsters Mike and Sally have not always been the best friends: At Monsters University, where each monster had to be trained, they hated each other and were completely different. Sully came from a family of very famous and deserving monsters and could scare just by looking at them, while Mike was a quiet nerd and not scary at all, so he had to sit all day with his books, studying the theory of scaring. One-day Mike and Sally got into a fight, for which they were kicked out of University. 

This university is just like any other university. Only real monsters study here – funny and creepy bogeymen from children’s nightmares. Otherwise it’s just like any other school, except you can’t buy college essay, you can only get a good grade if you know how to make a fright. Young people attend classes, make friends, join fraternities, compete for trophies … In short, student life is effervescent!

The Social Network

The story of Mark Zuckerberg, a genius programmer and creator of Facebook, one of the most popular and visited networks on the Internet. Mark conceived and realized the idea in 2004 when he was a student at Harvard University. As a result, he became the world’s youngest billionaire, making nearly 500 million friends in just a few years. It all started when Mark was dumped by his girlfriend Erika, calling him a loser. Trying to forget one hobby, the guy switches to another.

A young Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg, invented a form of online communication between students of the famous university that eventually became the world-famous social network Facebook, used by billions of people on Earth.

The Education of Charlie Banks

Ever since he was a kid, Charlie has been known as a modest and quiet boy who has been the occasional target of Mick the bully. As the years go by, Charlie fails to forget the incident at the party when his best friend Danny introduces him to Mick – the menace of the neighborhood. The brawler brutally beat up two schoolchildren, which Charlie reported to the police, but, fearing retaliation, he withdrew his report.

Once a student, the shy A student is forced to confront his old adversary again, and at the same time, his grievances.

As a child, Charlie denounced a bully peer, Mick Leary. Years later in college, Charlie confronts Mick again, and mixed feelings of guilt, fear, and a desire to emulate again take hold of him. But the grown-up Mick seems to have become even more dangerous.

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