End of the mask on planes: these are the exceptions to its use

The European Union announced this Wednesday that as of next May 16 the measure will come into force recommends remove use required of the mask in planes Y airports. However, this relaxation of the restrictions against the coronavirusapproved through the European Aviation Safety Agency (TO THAT) and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), presents some exceptions.

The mask will continue to be necessary on flights whose country of origin either destination continue to impose its use within the public transport. For their part, the airlines must report the normative applied. Likewise, those passengers vulnerable should continue to use face mask, regardless of the regulations current.

Origin and destination of flights

The mandatory use of the mask will continue to be cash on those flights take off either land in countries that still maintain this extent within public transport. Thus, aircraft originating from or destined for territories such as Spain either Germany they will still require the mask. this rule will prevail about the decisions that they can take airlines depending on your country.

Companies like Iberia either Lufthansa they will not relax this restriction for now. In contrast, airlines from countries of Belgium (Brussels Airlines), France (Air France) or United Kingdom (British Airways), where it is not necessary to wear a mask on public transport, since They do not count with this measure. However, it should be noted that they must continue sticking to to its obligation in the cases mentioned above.

exceptional cases

Companies like Ryanairof Irish origin, will maintain the mandatory use of the mask in 15 countries. Although Ireland retired in February mandatory of the mask in everyone the scopes minus the spaces sanitarythe airline will maintain it on flights to or from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and even Francewhere, as of May 16, it is no longer will keep measure.

chaos and confusion

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A few weeks ago, the airline Norwegian announced that the April 4 They would stop requiring the use of a mask on their planes. The criterion used by the company, however, is confused in cases such as flights taking off or landing in SpainWhere should the mask be used? only during the takeoff and the landing.

The contradiction that is generated between the restrictions in the transport of the countries, and those in force in the countries of each airline generates a chaos to which the agencies keep responding giving priority to the regulations of the countries where take off either they land the airplanes.

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