The walls of some hotels and buildings in Acapulco fell during the earthquake, exposing the interior of the houses.

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Acapulco, in southern Mexico, on Tuesday and killed at least one person.

The earthquake, which occurred at 8:47 p.m. local time (01.47 GMT), was so intense that the earthquake was also felt in Mexico City, where frightened residents took to the streets after hearing the seismic alert.

The governor of the state of Guerrero, Héctor Astudillo, explained that the victim died in the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez when a pole fell on him.

In the rest of the country, authorities reported not having evidence of more human losses or relevant damages.


This earthquake took place just four years after the one registered on September 7, 2017, of magnitude 8.2, and which caused a hundred deaths.

This Tuesday in Mexico City, the buildings shook and in the sky the flashes were observed known as “earthquake lights.”

The head of government of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, He said that after activating the review protocols that included four helicopter flights there were no immediate reports of serious damage in the city except for power outages in numerous neighborhoods.

The Federal Electricity Commission reported that 1.6 million users were affected in Mexico City, State of Mexico, Guerrero, Morelos and Oaxaca. On Wednesday morning, he assured that 98% of customers had recovered electricity service.

Earthquake in Mexico

“Fortunately, there is no serious damage,” said the president. Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Tuesday night.

Acapulco and the coast of the state of Guerrero lived the night with alert due to their proximity to the epicenter of the earthquake.

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Some cars were crushed by posts or beams and the walls of some hotels were damaged and even fell.


Acapulco hospitals were evacuated and patients waited on their stretchers outside waiting for possible aftershocks.

Earthquake in Mexico

“Very intense”

In the Roma Norte neighborhood, one of the places where the intensity of earthquakes is most noticeable in the capital, the earthquake was felt strongly and forced residents to go out into the street in the rain, some of them in clothing. sleep, reported the BBC Mundo correspondent in Mexico, Marcos González Díaz.

Some neighbors huddled together, holding small children and pets, too preoccupied to return home in the dark.

Neighbors on the street in Mexico City

“It was terrible. It reminds me of the 1985 earthquake every time something like this happens ”, Yesmin Rizk, a 70-year-old neighbor of the neighborhood, told the agency Reuters.

Some users of the cablebus (cable car) in the Mexican capital were temporarily trapped in the interior due to lack of electricity.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the earthquake – originally measured as 7.4 – was shallow, likely amplifying the shaking effect.

For its part, the National Seismological Service of Mexico (SSN) reported that until Wednesday morning sand they had presented 210 aftershocks of the earthquake, the largest of magnitude 5.2.

Earthquake in Mexico

We have to face these adversities and move forward“, President López Obrador said Wednesday.

“Of course, there are times when you have to suffer difficult moments, but you are not always in a bad way, there is always hope and Mexicans are like that, we never lose faith, they never take away the right to hope and we move forward” added.

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Earthquake in Mexico

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