“What we are waiting for is the notice to prevent all cruise ships from being lifted … and that has not happened,” says travel agent Claire Newell.

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The federal government has lifted the ban on cruises in Canadian waters, but not a recommendation to avoid cruises.

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Local travel agent Claire Newell said the lifting of the ban, effective Monday, was not a surprise, as the government had made that announcement in July.

However, he said the government was also expected to lift its warning against people traveling by cruise ship. On October 21, the federal government raised a warning against people flying to foreign locations.

According to the website travel.gc.ca , the cruise advisory remains in place because if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs on a cruise ship while the Canadian passenger is out of Canada, it is unlikely that there will be government-organized repatriation flights to Canada, the range of consular services it would be limited and passengers could be subject to quarantine on board the ship or in a foreign country.


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