The painter from Guadalajara Martha Pacheco He died this Monday, November 1, due to cancer.

Born in Guadalajara in 1957, Martha Pacheco She established herself as a highly renowned visual artist within and outside of Mexico, being one of the creatives who focused part of her work on themes and explorations of death, madness and cultural development.

Graduated from the School of Plastic Arts of the University of Guadalajara in 1981, Martha Pacheco He headed hundreds of individual exhibitions and was a constant participant in collective works; Recently, in the capital of Guadalajara, he joined the first exhibition of the Bruna Gallery in the group show “Diégesis”, together with colleagues such as Daniel Lezama, Enrique Oroz, Juan Carlos Macías, Lucía Maya, Rocío Sáenz, Sergio Garval and Víctor Hugo Pérez.

His career integrates projects such as the Visual Research Workshop, from 1982 to 1983, together with several artists such as Javier Campos Cabello, Miguel Ángel López Medina, Salvador Rodríguez, Irma Naranjo and Fernando de la Mora, for example, an initiative with which they promoted the investigation, dialogue and reflection on the exercise and diffusion of the plastic arts in Jalisco and Mexico, in addition to marking new paths towards avant-garde currents and styles, he was also part of the artistic group called Forensic Medical Service.

At the time, for example, he participated in important projects such as “Painters, sculptors and a decomposed bicycle”, an exhibition that was mounted at the House of Jalisco Culture in 1982.

His work toured prominent forums and galleries both in his native Guadalajara, as well as in the United States and France, as well as in the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City and the Museum of Modern Art of the University of Guadalajara, for example.

The University Museum Contemporary ArtO (MUAC) from ONE published an obituary on Twitter where he states: “He leaves us an inexhaustible reflection on the constant violence in Mexico through his realistic and crude work around death (…) The Artistic Collection of the MUAC (DiGAV, UNAM) has two works by the artist, ‘Untitled’ and ‘Without modesty’. The latter was part of the exhibition ‘Cien del MUAC’ and is included in the catalog of the same name “.

In May 2019, he exhibited “Ecos de la calle”, with 17 large-format drawings that portrayed the daily lives of marginalized people, curated by Norberto Miranda, in the former Convento del Carmen. In 2011, Pacheco’s work was presented at the Zapopan Art Museum (MAZ) with the series “Seven voices for an autopsy.”

Among his multiple recognitions, he obtained the Prize of the Seventh National Meeting of Young Art of Aguascalientes in 1987; the first place for Painting at the Salón de Octubre in 1989 and the first place for drawing at the José Clemente Orozco National Biennial, among others.

In the book The female nude. A vision of one’s own, from Lorena Zamora, in the year 2000, is considered Martha Pacheco as one of the most important visual artists in Mexico and how her vision of the body and death allowed a peculiar approach between the public and art.

In social networks, the artistic and cultural community expressed their pain at the physical loss of Martha Pacheco and highlighted the legacy and importance that it means for the artistic and cultural work of Mexico.

With information from Norma Gutiérrez / El Informador.


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