CNews overtakes BFMTV again

“What makes you think I’m a man?” “, joked Mathieu Bock-Côté on Tuesday, September 28 in “Face à l’Info”, one of CNews’ flagship programs. ” Oh ! Sandrine Rousseau! “, replied the presenter Christine Kelly in the same playful tone. “I try to think on the left”, concluded the Quebec intellectual. Two weeks after the departure of his former figure, Eric Zemmour, “Face à l’Info”, the locomotive of the Canal + channel (Bolloré group), resists and allows CNews to maintain satisfactory audiences. On September 28, the conservative news channel rose to first place among news channels with 2.9% audience, ahead of BFMTV (2.7%), and LCI (1.3%), confirming a trajectory started last season. In May and June, she had already beaten BFMTV eleven times.

Christine Kelly’s new, very conservative set, made up of Mathieu Bock-Côté, the journalist from Current values, Charlotte d’Ornellas, and sometimes her colleague from Figaro, Eugenie Bastié, avoided “Face à l’Info” to tumble, even if the audience declined. On September 9, Eric Zemmour, whose supposed presidential candidacy was beginning to hold the media in suspense, recorded a record with 852,000 viewers.

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Return of the ad

On Wednesday, the small troop defended honorably with 683,000 viewers (3.9% audience share), before the program Yves Calvi on BFMTV (286,000 viewers). On average, since September 13, “Face à l’Info” has recorded 600,000 curious visitors, or 3.5% of audience share. The first two weeks of September, Eric Zemmour brought in 680,000 people (4% audience), and 690,000 on last season. Notable change, the channel also inserted a 4-minute commercial break since September 23 during the show. Since the departure of her debater, she had made the choice to refuse advertising, in order to retain her audience, and perhaps fearing to frighten advertisers by a program that was too divisive.

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The success of “Face à l’Info” continues to serve as a launching pad for “L’Heure des pros 2”, led by another pillar of CNews, Pascal Praud. The former sports journalist and his columnists representing the spectrum of the right of Ivan Rioufol (Le Figaro) to Jean-Claude Dassier (Current values) through Jérôme Béglé (Point), obtained an audience share of 3.2%, well ahead of BFMTV (1%). The first news channel has yet installed, since the start of the school year, Natacha Polony on this niche with the hope of swelling the audience.

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