Climate emergency: the Pope, support of the fight of the young generation

The younger generation and the Pope on the same page about the climate.

The Sovereign Pontiff supports the urgent message of the 400 young people gathered in Milan to prepare for COP 26. “IIt’s time to make the right choices“he said. The Pope encouraged them to continue their fight against global warming.”Work for the good of humanity“He said. And thank them for caring about both human relations and the environment.

Once again, Pope Francis stressed the importance of protecting the planet. This is not the first time he has tackled this question. He has done this several times in the past. But his message will have an impact on the event “youth for the climate”, which will send its recommendations to the United Nations conference on climate change, COP 26 to be held in November in Scotland.

The Pope thanked the younger generations for their contribution to the fight against climate change and stressed that their current contribution will help shape the world of tomorrow. François and climate activists around the world share the same concern, namely the need to take concrete measures in favor of the environment.

In 2015, Pope Francis wrote a major encyclical on environmental protection, in which he advocates the phasing out of fossil fuels to combat global warming.

This document had a significant impact on the signing of the Paris Agreement at COP 21 the same year.

In 2019, Pope Francis met Greta Thunberg, he thanked her for defending the climate and encouraged her to continue her fight. Pope Francis plans to travel to Glasgow for COP 26.

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