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Canadian Christmas

All Latinos and Hispanics make a lady the misfortune of the Pandemic and as the years go by and we make our lives in Canada, we realize that Christmas parties in Canada are very similar to those that Hispanics and Latinos have, unlike lunch or dinner, as Canadians usually celebrate December 25 with a dinner that includes turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry jam. Visit our events section to learn about the different activities and exhibitions of Christmas natives that take place during Christmas in Calgary Canada and

Australian Christmas
Christmas in Australia takes place during the summer. Of course, the heat does not prevent Australians from celebrating Christmas. They are only more likely to celebrate the outside. Many families eat their Christmas midday meal in their backyards and sometimes even on the beach. And when Santa makes an appearance, he normally wore his bathing suit.

Australia’s most impressive Christmas tradition, carols by candlelight, also takes place outside. At outdoor concerts held in cities and towns across Australia, people sit on blankets, light candles and sing Christmas carols together.

Australians decorate their homes with “Christmas Bush,” a native plant with cream-colored flowers that turn a bright deep red around Christmas.

Christmas in africa
Whether rich or poor, Christians in Africa celebrate the birth of Jesus with immense joy and passion. These celebrations focus on church services and the lively Christmas Eve processions following services are filled with song and dance.

In Ghana, the churches to start preparing for Christmas many months in advance and some say they feel across the country is actually how to prepare for the birth of Jesus.

Eating and visiting family and friends is also a big part of the vacation. For example, Kenyans often hold a goat roast and eat the delicious hot meat from the grill. Those who cannot afford to buy a goat slaughter or common resources often with family and friends.

Many people in Africa, of course, cannot afford to give gifts. If gifts are exchanged in poor communities, they generally consist of practical things, such as books or soap.

The inns
The main Christmas celebrations in Mexico starts nine days before Christmas and is called Las Posadas. Every night, a group of neighbors re-enact Mary and Joseph in their search for a place to stay in Bethlehem.

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Bring small, lighted candles and images of Mary and Joseph, these “pilgrims” traveling from house to house in search of accommodation. They are turned away by each “innkeeper” until they arrive at the home of the host family that La Posada overnight.

Once inside, they gather around a nativity scene to pray and sing traditional Christmas songs. Then the night parties begin and the children take turns trying to break an open piñata filled with peanuts, tangerines, and candy.

Christmas in china
The Christian population in China is relatively small and Christmas is not a public holiday. However, Chinese Christians light up their homes with pretty paper lanterns and paper decorations – hanging chains, flowers, and lanterns – on “trees of light.”

Christian children also hang Dun Che Lao Ren (Old Christmas) muslin stockings to fill with gifts and treats. Many non-Christians also exchange gifts and celebrate Christmas, especially in urban areas, where Christmas displays and decorations have become commonplace.

Peace blessing in Iraq
Iraqi Christian families take part in a special ceremony outside their homes on Christmas Eve. Family members hold burning candles, while a child tells about the birth of Jesus, an Arab from the Bible.

After this, the family sings songs around a bonfire of dry thorn bushes. If the thorns turn to ashes, it is said that the family may enjoy good fortune for years to come. When the fire burns out, everyone jumps on the ashes three times and makes a wish.

Following another bonfire in the church the next day, church officials march behind their bishop, who is carrying a picture of Jesus. Christmas comes to the conclusion of the service when the bishop blesses a member of the church for touching his hand. Person who touches the person next to him and so on until everyone in the service receives “the touch of peace”.

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