Friday, October 23


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Subaru and Lexus are winning the customer loyalty battle

The ability or desire of a customer to stick with a single automotive brand is the Holy Grail of executives in corner offices. After all, if Average Joe simply visits the GM store when it’s time for a new truck, his money stays firmly in Ren Cen’s coffers. In 2020, the brands of Subaru and Lexus have been ranked highest in their ability to recapture customers.Every year, the industry powerhouse of J.D. Power and Associates release a U.S. Automotive Brand Loyalty Study. Now in its second year, the study uses data to calculate whether an owner purchased the same brand after trading in an existing vehicle on a new ride. Customer loyalty is based on the percentage of vehicle owners who choose the same brand when trading in or purchasing their next vehicle.Amongst mass market brands,...
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Buy It! 22B or not 22B? That’s the $500,000 question posed by this Subaru

In the late ’90s, the Subaru Impreza 22B represented a turbocharged widebody love letter to the company’s 40th anniversary and its third straight manufacturer’s title in the World Rally Championship.Now, a group in England is selling what is surely one of the lowest mileage examples remaining on this planet.Having covered only 271 miles from new, this car was apparently purchased as an investment and tucked away into storage. As such, it still has paper stickers on its headlights, plastic protective covering on some of its seats, and P Zero stickers still in place on original tires. According to the seller, it was driven a couple of times when in landed in Blighty, then stored away with regular starting and turning of wheels to ensure things stayed in good working order.This tim...