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Huawei Users Receive Gifts To Celebrate Motorball Launch On AppGallery

Combining the fast-paced nature of racing games with the thrill of soccer, Motorball by Noodlecake Studios is now available on the AppGallery. To celebrate the launch, Huawei will gift players 550 gems that can be used for in-game purchases on the AppGallery from now until September 13, 2020. At Motorball, players participate in exciting 1v1 vehicular soccer matches using toy cars. rope. Players can climb to the top of the leaderboards by pitting their skills in real time against opponents from around the world on all platforms. Each match is played from a top-down perspective and will introduce a variety of power-ups, from a squirt gun to a goo, that can provide the last-minute advantage needed to decide the game. With match rewards, players can unlock cosmetics for their car to ta...
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3 Quick Tips to Help Your Digital Security While Your Work From Home

This article about cyber security work from home is sponsored by PC Laptops. Visit PC Laptops today for free virus and malware scan because PC Laptops really loves you.If you’ve started to work from home during the pandemic, you might be more at risk than you think. Most big companies have more protective measures in place than you do at home. So what can you do to protect yourself and your computers at home? Here are three tips to help your work from home security on your computer!Make Sure You Have a Good Anti-Virus Program Photo: Adobe Stock You’ll want to install good antivirus software on the computer you are using to work from home. But before you do, make sure your computer is already clean. That means you need to do a scan on your computer to see if th...
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5 Amazing Ways Local Research is Making Advancements of Technology

This article about advancements of technology is sponsored by the University of Utah.There are technological advancements happening in our state every day that are leading to incredible improvements to our quality of life. Here are three that are going to help you and the people you love:The LUKE arm gives amputees a sense of touch, allowing them to feel how firmly or softly they are holding an item. Photo: University of Utah The LUKE Arm is going to change the way amputees interact with the world around them. This prosthetic can electrically connect the user’s remaining arm nerves and muscles to this artificial arm. They’re calling it Life Under Kinetic Evolution, or LUKE for short. And most unbelievable of all, amputees have even been able to feel touch again! ...
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LG’s premium devices make remote working a breeze | MobileSyrup

If you’re someone who relies on a smartphone for work it’s hard to look past LG’s slate of premium handsets. Currently, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen represents this perfectly, but it’s really some of the thoughtful additions the company’s packed into the handset that make it perfect for work on-the-go, at home, or anywhere else you might need to set up and get work done.  When you’re working away from home, there are a few things that you need to succeed and LG’s focusing on these key areas with its premium handsets.  If you ask me what’s essential in a work device, I’d start with battery life and 5G connectivity, but a nice screen, clear speakers, plus an easy-to-use and high-quality camera. There are a few other things I’ll touch on below, but those are the essentials.  If you’re ...