Friday, January 15

sloth getting chin scratched

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Adorable moment sloth falls asleep while getting his chin scratched

Have you ever been so relaxed watching someone else relax?A sloth named Chewie — after Chewbacca from “Star Wars” — can’t help himself when someone scratches underneath his chin. His expression appears to turn into a serene grin as he closes his eyes and melts into the seat.However, while Chewie is adorable, it is important to remember that sloths are exotic animals and therefore not recommended as pets. Sloths, like Chewie who resides in Venezuela, are native to Central and South America. However, owning sloths is legal in some U.S. states like North Carolina, New York and Kansas.Besides being expensive and high maintenance, they’re not all as cuddly as Chewie either. The slow-moving, docile creatures don’t typically like being petted, groomed or bathed acc...