Wednesday, December 2

Philips Hue

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Philips Hue receives support for Apple’s adaptive lighting feature

If you are an Apple user with some Philips Hue lights, you can now use them with the tech giant's 'Adaptive Lighting' feature. The function automatically changes the hue of the lights. This means that the lights will be warmer in the morning and cooler in the middle of the day. The report comes from the Dutch publication iCulture, which states that the lights will retain their set color tone even when turned on and off. This is similar to the 'Circadian Rhythm' feature with Nanoleaf's new smart lights. However, unlike the Nanoleaf version of the functionality, which is tied to the company's iOS and Android apps, the Philips Hue version only works with Apple devices. Adaptive Lighting is a new HomeKit feature in iOS 14 that intell...
News, Philips Hue, Smart Home

Power cord for Philips Hue outdoor lights recalled

Phillips is recalling the 40-watt power cord that ships with some of its exterior lights because of the "very rare" risk of electrocution. The company has a Web page which reads: “After extensive testing, we have found that in very rare cases some Philips Hue 40 watt outdoor power supply units (PSUs) can be damaged due to a water leak and pose a safety risk if they play in wet conditions. These PSUs were shipped with base packages of the following product families between 2018 and 2020. ” Products affected include:Lily spotlight Lily XL projector Calla Pedestal Light Economical pedestal lights Impress pedestal lights Calla Large Pedestal LightIf you purchased one of these lights and it is from the 2018/2019 SKU of affected un...