Friday, October 30


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Woman archer snuffs out candle with a single, perfect shot

Katniss Everdeen has got nothing on TikTok’s favorite archer.Jennifer Delaney, AKA freedomandfeathers on TikTok and Instagram, is really good at archery. The queen of hand-eye coordination tried to take up yoga but “fell in love with archery, throwing knives, guns and country dancing,” instead. Delaney isn’t shy about flexing her expertise on social media. She captured her precision skills in a TikTok video. In one clip, Delaney throws a tennis ball in the air, then expertly shoots it with her arrow. The impressive hit amassed over 5 million views on TikTok.Delaney created a move she called the “trap and hit” in another clip. To pull the trick off she set up a pendulum as a target. She “trapped” the swinging object, by launching an arrow parallel to it. ...