Thursday, October 29

365 Days

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‘365 Days’ star Michele Morrone defends film from criticism for depicting rape and sex trafficking

By Corey Atad. 15 seconds ago Photo: Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / CP Images Michele Morrone is responding to criticism of "365 days". RELATED: '365 Days' Star Michele Morrone Releases New 'Hard For Me' Music Video In a new interview with ME! News, the actor is asked about the erotic drama that supposedly glorifies rape and sex trafficking. "I think it's important to remember that this movie is based on a work of fiction," Morrone said. “'365 Days' was a very successful book in Poland before it was made into a movie. When an audience watches a movie, I think they know that what they see on the screen is not always real, but my job as an actor is to make it feel real, to make you connect with Massimo even though ...