Cannelloni and whip for Joan Manel Serrat

The new president of Zara has a great step on a Paseo de Gràcia, so that the ‘critic’ Gerard Piqué knows. Both have lost prominence in the week that the ‘noi de Poble Sec’ (77 studs) leaves the stage.

This wednesday night Joan Manel Serrat he was liberated, fun, and as committed as ever. We coincide in an event on the occasion of World AIDS Day. Photos were taken with many of the guests, some foreigners and others, such as Lourdes Mateu, the prestigious doctor from the Can Ruti Persistent Covid Unit, who sent it to her mother who was turning 85. We talked about Barça, “Remember what I tell you: We will beat Bayern!”, He told me with that mixture of strength, desire and conviction that only Serrat knows how to transmit.

We also talked about his next tour and the complicated schedule that awaits him. Well, that, the next day we woke up with the news that at the end of 2022 it left the stage. The discretion of Serrat It did not leak the news and we all found out at the same time. I listen to you with Josep Cuní in the Being and he is seen to be as liberated as the night before in which he was even joking when they did the PCR. Coincides with Nandu Jubany on the air and they meet to dine with the rock ’16 Fetges’. A group of friends who have met once a month for more than ten years. Because Serrat He likes to eat well, but also to talk about life, travel, gastronomy, football or whatever else is involved. Next Monday you will taste the cannelloni of Nandu and the odd one other than the father of his chef, Kiko Arumi, prepares in Calldetenes and what Serrat does not forgive.

Liberated and happy

I call him and he confirms that he is liberated and happy for the decision made. “I wanted to be the one to decide my last Tour and not a pandemic, an illness or someone other than myself.” He is a born perfectionist and is already thinking about which songs he will choose on his debut in New York, where he will settle in Buenos Aires or how many tickets he will have for his friends at his last concert in Barcelona. Because it will be the last. If something has Serrat is that when he says one thing he fulfills it. Of course, it pissed him off, seeing him so fit, that he left the stage. Luckily he will never let go of the guitar, his songs will always accompany us and from 2023 he will have more time for his grandchildren and those friends’ dinners.

In the act against AIDS, the doctor Clotet thanked all its sponsors for the donations they make for research while the president of Seat Wayne Griffths announced that this year they will hold a solidarity concert at Primavera Sound and a paddle tennis tournament in favor of the Foundation against AIDS. Griffhs He is a Germanized, committed Englishman, in love with Barcelona and whom some already suggest that he will be the best president in the history of SEAT.

Gerard Piqué and María Ortega

Serrat has overshadowed the week in which one wanted to debate Gerard Piqué after hearing him in ‘El Hormiguero’ say that: “The mood of the people of Madrid is better than that of Barcelona.” Maybe Pique be somewhat right, but living in a city is not the same as going to spend two days. Because here, in addition to having the ‘Noi del poble sec’, in two days a spectacular star has been installed in the Sagrada Família, the impressive and luxurious Antares residential tower has been inaugurated whose attic costs 8,000,000 euros and the chef Romain Fornell has opened, on the ground floor of this building in Diagonal Mar, the fantastic brasserie ‘Le Grand Café Rouge’, the work of the renowned French architect Odile Decq, and where you eat a movie.

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In addition, the HM Obra social Nens Foundation held its second solidarity Gala where the president of HM Hospitales, Juan Abarca Cidón He highlighted in his speech that it was in 2017 when they acquired the Delfos Clinic for 30 million euros. Yes, in 2017, when some of them were going to Madrid they came to Barcelona and that is also to be appreciated.

Ah! Finally, also tell Pique that Marta Ortega, The new president of Zara also has a house in Barcelona. Specifically a stomp on Paseo de Gràcia and that for the super party that he held this week in A Coruña, he took two Catalans: the chef Albert Adriá and the mixologist Manel Vehí. Well that Gerard, that we here are not so bad.

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