Burnaby RCMP still seeking clues to man’s 1990 disappearance

Alim Feasal Hasan was reported missing to the RCMP on April 12, 1990. He lived in Alberta at the time and was visiting family in Burnaby

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Police are renewing calls for clues in the search for a Burnaby man who’s been missing for over three decades.

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Alim Feasal Hasan was reported missing to the RCMP on April 12, 1990. He lived in Alberta at the time and was visiting family in Burnaby.

The 25-year-old was last seen on March 12 of that year when he was expected to board a Greyhound bus from Vancouver to his home in Edmonton.

“But Alim Hasan never arrived at his destination, prompting his family to report him as missing,” said RCMP spokesman Cpl. Mike Kalanj in a statement on the 32nd anniversary of his missing-person report. “It is not known if he ever boarded the bus as planned.”

Kalanj said the file remains open and some clues have emerged early in the investigation into Hasan’s disappearance.

“We believe there may be people out there with information that could lead to some answers in this case and for Alim Hasan’s family,” said Kalanj. “It’s hoped this appeal may help jog someone’s memory and lead to a break in the case.”

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One key clue is that some of Hasan’s belongings were found in Hope about two weeks after he was last seen. His brown suitcase, containing clothing, other personal items and ID, was left outside the Hope RCMP detachment.

“It’s believed the suitcase had been left at the detachment around April 6, 1990, but it is not known who dropped the suitcase off, or whether Alim Hasan had actually been in the area himself,” said Kalanj.

There were also an unconfirmed sighting of Hasan on May 3, when someone said they saw Hasan hitchhiking on Highway 97 near Kelowna.

“The witness had seen an article in a newspaper about Hasan’s disappearance,” said Kalanj. “But despite repeated efforts, investigators were not able to find or speak with the witness after their initial call to police.”

Kalanj said that sighting remains unconfirmed.

“If that witness sees this, we would urge them to call Burnaby RCMP. That person may have valuable information that could help further this investigation, even though 32 years has passed since that phone call.”

Hasan would be 57 years old today. When he was last seen, he was wearing a red and black mackinaw-style jacket, and may have been carrying a sports bag. He might have seemed disoriented if he did not have access to his regular medication from him.

Anyone with information on this historical missing-person case is asked to call Burnaby RCMP at 604-646-9999.

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