Borràs rules out resigning and blames ERC and CUP for complying with the JEC

  • The president of the Parliament assures that her proposal in defense of the cupero act “was not accepted”

The president of Parliament, Laura Borras, has broken the silence this Monday. She has done so from the microphones of RAC-1, not from the parliamentary seat, to defend that he does not intend to resign and that his proposal to ignore the Central Electoral Board (JEC) on the removal of the seat from the couper Pau Juvilla “was not accepted.” “We are here because we did not want to go collectively towards the ultimate consequences”, she has indicated, reproaching ERC and CUP for her actions.

“I will not resign. I have an obligation to think about all the scenarios, and the resignation scenario is too, and to listen to all the people around me. But seeing everything that has happened, if I left it would be read as a resignation, a way of seeing that what has happened has been a mistake & rdquor ;, she snapped. Trying to defend that his performance has been different from that of his predecessor, Roger Torrenthas ruled that “things have been tried to do differently” to the case of the ‘expresident’ Quim Torra but that this marked “a precedent”. Thus, he has recognized that “not all battles are won” and that the result has not been what he expected, yes, blaming the pro-independence partners for the final outcome.

I felt very uselessly exposed after having made a sincere proposal, frankly, with a will not to solve this case to say so far, enough. How long will we have to see this permanent humiliation? I can’t do it alone, we all have to do it, collectively and ambitiously,” he has made ERC and CUP ugly. “Going forward alone is a sterile sacrifice”has pointed out.

Surrender is not an option and that the result has been that Juvillà’s seat reached the withdrawn Parliament and has not been able to be reversed, does not mean that this should arouse smiles under the nose in independentists. I find it unfortunate. Those who do laugh are those who apply repression from the State”, Borràs has sentenced about the criticism received.

Meeting with Aragonès

Borràs has confirmed the meeting he had with the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, in Manresa, which EL PERIÓDICO announced in which she proposed joint disobedience to the JEC for the Juvillà case and to the TSJC for 25% of Castilian in the classrooms. And she has recognized that this idea involved teachers and the center’s management, who should disobey the court’s order.

About the CUP, he has slipped that she was firm to “go as far as she wanted to go”, a shield with “anti-repressive unit”, which ultimately did not work. “The proposal I make is assuming the risk, the maximum consequences”, she has sentenced, without wanting to reveal what was the plan that she put on the table and to which she clings to defend herself.

The president has broken down the actions that she has carried out since the first ruling in defense of Juvillà was voted in plenary session on December 17 and has indicated that the Chamber acted before the JEC, at least, until on January 28 it received the burofax in which the dismissal of the CUP deputy is confirmed, after denying Juvillà’s request for precautionary measures, and confirms the suspension since the resolution is final in administrative proceedings, whatever the high court says later about the precautionary measures and the finality of the judgment of the TSJC.

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As for the officials, Borràs has assured that “they are perfectly aware of the legal system” and that you could not do anything other than abide by the JEC, which is why they deactivated the vote and the plenary session was not summoned. “Who threatens them is not only the JEC, but the Penal Code. I will not coerce the officials”, he has settled.

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